Below is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions. Simply click the area that is most relevant to yourself. If you have a question that is not answered here then please get in touch.

General Agency Questions

SEVEN Agency and Modelling

SEVEN Agency and Acting

SEVEN Agency and Extra Work

General Agency Questions

What kind of work does SEVEN Agency do?

We represent actors, models and extras in the media industry. For more information please see the ‘about us’ section.


How do I join SEVEN Agency?

Please see our applications section.


What age of children do you represent?

We represent children of all ages.


SEVEN Agency and Acting


How can I be represented by SEVEN Agency?

We are always looking for new faces. Our books are never closed. Please see out applications section as to how to apply.

I want to get into acting, how do I do this?

If you have no experience then the best way to gain some is to join the agency as a supporting artist. If you are interested in acting then be sure to mention this when applying and we have a discussion with you when you meet us.


SEVEN Agency and Modelling


What age of models do you take on?

We take on models of all ages. When you apply we will discuss these options with you.


What are the requirements for modelling?

All males must be at least 5’10. All women must be at least 5’6. We consider each application carefully.


Do I need professional pictures to be considered?

No. You can take the pictures yourself. The guide as to the images we require can be found in our applications section.


SEVEN Agency and Extra Work


For reference an Supporting Artist can also be known as an extra or a Walk-on.

What kind of work can you provide for extras?

The work for extras can be broken down into two areas – drama and commercial. Our years of experience have seen us achieve preferred agency status from the BBC, ITV and Lime Pictures.

Drama covers everything from...

TV soaps - We work on a variety of TV soaps such Hollyoaks, Coronation Street and Emmerdale amongst others.

Television dramas - Recent credits include Prisoners Wives (BBC), Scott & Bailey (ITV) and Starlings (Sky1).

Feature films - Our artists featured in the Kings Speech, the Sherlock Holmes movie and the soon to be released Theatre of Dreams.

We also work on a wide variety of commercials. Not only do we provide the extras but also the featured artists. Television commercials often require ‘real’ people to feature. You don’t have to be a model or an actor just someone with a bit of confidence to go to an audition and do your best. We’ve helped hundreds of people realise their potential and feature in some well known commercials.


If I join SEVEN Agency as a supporting artist can I only be put forward for extra work or can I get involved in other work?

In short the answer is yes. Obviously photographic work etc is more selective, but if you are right for it then we will of course put you forward.


Do I need experience?

If you are interested in becoming a supporting artist then the answer is no. Everyone has to start somewhere. The only characteristics that you require to become an extra are punctuality and reliability. A dash of enthusiasm and charisma doesn’t hurt either!


Do I get paid to be a supporting artist?

Yes you do. The pay varies depending on hours and the production. A typical day’s extra work is around 9-5 and the pay will range from £75.09 to £120.00 per day. Pay for a commercial is less defined but is typically a lot higher. Being an extra is not a money maker it’s a hobby that pays for itself. We don’t encourage anyone to look at this as an additional form of income – it’s something you do for the fun of it.

What about transport?

All of our artists are expected to provide their own transport to get to various locations for jobs. Call times may vary so one must be expected and prepared to be called from early hours.

Is there a right ‘look’ that I need?

No, as a casting agency is pays to have a broad range of faces that represent the public as a whole. There is no right or wrong look so please don’t be put off.


How much does it cost to join the agency?

The only cost you will incur is a one-off cost of £50.00 on joining used to represent you during your term with us. There are no additional or hidden costs. The price is the same for adults and children.


I work, what days does filming usually occur on?

Filming is mostly Monday-Friday but occasionally on a weekend, therefore you will need to arrange to take the time off from work. The majority of the adults on our book have full-time jobs and simply take a day’s holiday or switch shifts if work is made available to them


How much notice do you get?

It depends, anything from 2 to 3 days to a week but it can be a lot shorter.


How frequent is the work? Do you guarantee work?

Any agency that guarantees work to any of its models should be avoided. An agencies duty to its clients is to create a full and varied portfolio of up-to-date artists, then to advertise the agency (therefore its artists) adequately to the industry.The frequency of work can vary, some get more than others. The amount of work you get depends on the clients requests. Whilst every effort will be made to ensure we offer you work, we cannot guarantee you work.

No agency can know what particular assignment is going to arrive on their desk from one day to the next, so needs to ensure that they can supply whatever the client is asking for, hence the reason to produce a full portfolio upon demand. If, for example, a client asks for a selection of 6-month old babies, then, naturally, teenagers could not be considered for submission, and vice versa. The client therefore makes the decision as to what they are looking for and not the agency. Likewise, once the agency has submitted a selection of (in this example) 6-month old children to the client, the choice as to which of those children is actually selected is down to the client and not the Agency. This is why no agency can guarantee work to any child that it represents. A reputable agency will only accept a child if they feel that the child would be a valuable asset to their portfolio, but should not be blamed if the client does not confirm them whilst with the agency.


Do I need to audition?

If you are interested in becoming an extra then you are not required to audition.

If you have a question that is not answered here then please get in touch.